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A Bail Bonds Florida has proudly served as a National Bonding Agency based in Jacksonville, FL since 1991. We are professionally affiliated with the Bail Florida Association, the Jacksonville Bail Agents Association & many more. We specialize in all things Bail Bonds.
From the moment you are incarcerated to when your trial or hearing is complete,
we are here to help!





If you or a family member are arrested and booked and you need a bail bondsman to post the bail to get out of jail you need an experienced bond agency.  A Bail Bonds Florida is reliable, fast and professional.  A Bail Bonds Florida's staff makes the process as smooth as possible.

Give our professional bail bondsman a call today if you you would like more information about our services or if you would like to set up an appointment with our skilled
bond agent! (904) 353-8272

We are a professional bail bond agent!

Turn to A Bail Bonds Florida, Inc. specializing in Natinoal and local bonds for the Jacksonville, FL area.  At A Bail Bonds Florida, conveniently located on N. Market in downtown Jacksonville, FL we are your best source for a skilled bail bond agent.  We have built a reputation for being a compassionate, effective and efficient bail bondsman.  

When you call, we answer 24 hours a day! Call now to arrange for our bail bonds services and experience the A Bail Bonds Florida, Inc. difference.  (904) 353-8272

So if you find yourself in need of a bail bondsman let A Bail Bonds Florida be your bail agency.  For more information just call us at (904)353-8272 and ask for any of our bond agents,  Mr. P, Jerilyn, or Steve for all your bonds needs.