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Sunday August 18, 2019

Bail Bonds Jacksonville FL

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5 Reasons to Purchase a Bond

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With over 35 years in the business A Bail Bonds Jacksonville Fl has encountered every Bond and Payment situation possible we are confident your detained party will be with you tonight.

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Upon arriving, one of our expert staff members will gather all the needed information from you and answer any questions you may have. Unlike other companies, A Bail Bonds Jacksonville Fl is sure that all clients understand the process.

Upon completing the paperwork and making payment, the staff at A Bail Bonds Jacksonville Fl will work with the jails to have your loved one released as soon as possible. You will never wait around for hours again.

We are Currently, based in Jacksonville, Florida with affiliates Nation Wide. We have developed relationships with the staff at these facilities due to their extensive background and professional approach to the business.

What Is A Bond


A BOND IS A CONTRACTUAL UNDERTAKING between a bail agent and the person purchasing the bond. By purchasing a bond, the bail agent provides a guarantee to the courts that the defendant will appear in court each time he or she is summoned.

FURTHERMORE, THE BOND ALLOWS THE FAMILY MEMBER or friend purchasing the bond to free their loved one from jail without having to pay the full bond amount.

UPON ARRIVAL, your bond agent will contact the appropriate jail to determine the amount of bail needed and create a bond for the customer to purchase.